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The DIGITAL SEQUENTIAL MACHINE (DSM) is fitted inside the A244S TORPEDO. Operators use the A244S Torpedo for training i.e. Drill and Practice firing from Ship or Helicopter. The A244S Electronic unit is used for simulating the A244S Torpedo. The A244S DSM D&P Electronic unit functionality can be ensured by using the Portable Presetter or TAL/ A244S Torpedo Airborne Presetter. The digital sequential machine is tested using Portable Presetter or TAL/ A244S Torpedo Airborne Presetter by simulating the A244S TORPEDO to ensure the serviceability before mounting inside the DRILL & PRACTICE (D&P) TORPEDO.

A244S Shipborne Presetter

Ship borne Presetter is interfaced with the Triple tube launcher through junction box and to check if the barrel is ready for firing. If the barrel is ready, it sets the initial search course for the selected torpedo. It sets the launch program and subsequently fires it remotely.

A244S Shipborne Presetter Junction Box

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